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I am a Scottish artist, working in Glasgow. I have been an Artist in Residence working with adults with learning difficulties since 2016. My portraiture project is ongoing and I am learning a lot from the awesome people I' m working with. We have exhibited widely and I have given artist's talks at Conferences in Chicago, Madrid and Glasgow. My portraiture calls for the viewer to see the person, not the disability, the beauty and colour and personality of the work beyond the limited restrictions of what we think we know about that individual's ability, and that there is a lot to learn. My projects have evolved to include film, interview and photography and sound installation, as well as drawing and painting to present, in our exhibitions, a complete picture of a unique community of awesome people.


Gone to God.



Artist Statement

The painting is a tribute to a friend who passed away in February 2021. David had learning difficulties and was one of a group of people at FortuneWorks, a centre for adults with learning difficulties, where I have been A.I.R since 2016. Though Covid impacted directly there were side effects of the pandemic that passed somewhat unseen. David had a simple and loving heart, and cared for others , including his elderly mother, with inspiring patience and gentleness. And he was funny!

How it fits into contest

For me the spiritual battle is to keep going, putting one foot in front of the other, knowing we are connected and taking heart from those in our community whose lives demonstrate love in action, and who are an example of how to live unselfishly and for others, with stoicism and good humour.
" Knowing whatsoever good thing any man doeth the same shall be received of the Lord, whether he be bond or free. "


David Thompson.
Robert Jack.
Alison Robb.

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