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I am a 40yr. old mother of 4. I am a homemaker with a household of 7 and married for 23yrs. I basically LIVE< LAUGH<LUV in everything I do, very generous, luv giving with nothing in return. The creativity and energy I have are amazing. I draw, paint, craft, write, and prefer outdoors. Swimming/water is my source of energy. My profile pic says it all.


I overcame Darkness to be a Warrior of Light


Digital Art

Artist Statement

Ephesians 6 verses 10-20
I had been in the dark for so many years and being a Leo myself can relate to how Jesus suffered on earth; I over came darkness to a warrior of light. I had drawn this Dec. of 2021 and never finished. I believe it was meant for this contest.

How it fits into contest

I battled my darkness to be a warrior of light,
In Jesus name, Amen...


Father, Son and Guardian angels for making this possible and finish on time.

How to Purchase this Artwork

I will sell, uncertain on amount. Be glad to take offers, nothing below $250.00. Thank you.

Susan Saavedra
5353 W. Rising Sun Dr.
Bisbee, Az. 85603
(520) 366-1182

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I have a mind blown of creativity.
Arts & Crafting, restore, repair, remodel woodwork and statue figures. Draw basically anything so give me description and ill draw it up. I am fair on prices and looking to find a job as artist for someone.
Thank You, Susan Saavedra. Can contact me on purchase method.

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