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People are often tempted to do things their own way. Today it is easy to forget about being rooted in the Creator, but getting to know your place in the world can contribute to a sense of meaning and joy in life. When we look at nature with our hearts, we will see the beauty of an old tree, a puddle and the endlessness of fields. In difficult times, in the beauty of this world, we will find the strength to overcome difficulties. In my series of black and white photographs, I stop at the person who carries the baggage of life experiences. From an early age, the man felt extremely lonely among people. From the very beginning, he carried the cross of his disability. His childhood and youth fell into a period when disabled people in Poland were rather condemned to isolation. There were times when he was tempted to throw the cross off his shoulders and take shortcuts. In that dark valley, however, a light appeared in the person of his grandmother. As he says himself, it was God who helped him rise through his grandmother. Years passed. During this time, he fell many times, but he did not give up. He found strength in the Lord. Years later, he left everything behind and decided to set off like a pilgrim on a journey. In nature, he finally felt understood. He found silence and the longed-for peace, and God speaks in silence ... Loneliness and temptation disappeared, and he felt peace in his heart. It can be said that he has won. With the help of this series of photos, I have revealed to the viewer the deeper, spiritual dimension of life. No one knows his strength until he draws it from himself in need. Until man turns to God.

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Living in a Christian way, a life in which we are guided by faith in God is a kind of battle. Questions arise, does man have the strength to face this battle? Nobody knows their strength until they get it out of themselves in need. Until he trusts the Creator.
In the photos, I cited the example of a man who carried the cross of disability from his childhood. His life wasn't easy from the beginning, but he didn't give up. Fought. He was aware that the basis of this fight is complete trust in God. In prayer, he asked for strength to overcome his weaknesses and temptations. He adhered to the principle that in life one must be guided by love. There must always be eternal life on the horizon. We should always see ourselves as a humble person, as a little child who needs God. It is symbolically shown by the journey of the protagonist of my photographs. Thick and hostile forest, endless road, and finally the old tree that appears at the end of our journey ...

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