Rita Hulsman

Artist bio

Love of the language has put Rita Hulsman on the track of writing, which led to numerous publications about the arts and cultural history. Underneath went a constant stream of poetic notes, which resulted in a few collections of poems. In 2006, due to a possibility to take part in a visual art exhibition, Rita started to combine words and images into a digital collage, transferred on small wooden panels or larger banners. Since that time Rita took part in various exhibitions in the Netherlands. Inspiration comes from many sides: the sound of water cooking, the smell of grass, a memory, a postcard, a piece of music, an old tub or a few words from somewhere. Usually the poetry comes first, completed by a collage of images to give the poetry an extra layer. But sometimes, like in this entry, the image comes first.


White lights the night


Digital Art

Artist Statement

The inspiration for this entry came from a piece of ice in which black, grey and white showed up, as well as a kind of rainbow. It reminded me of our struggling with good and evil, and the hope of conquering our dark sides through holding on to the light. The rainbow reminded me of the bow in the clouds as a token of God’s covenant between him and all living creatures. In this entry the image came first, the words followed almost immediately.

How it fits into contest

In one word, the armour we have to put on is light. We are ambassadors of the mystery of the gospel by way of the light that shines inside us, and goes out of us into the world. The light pierces through the darkness, opposes the powers of evil. Darkness must ultimately yield to the light, be it through truth, justice, faith, perseverance or love. We are clothed in white and filled with pieces of Gods light.
The armour not only protects us from evil and temptation, but ‘attacks’ the darkness in a gentle way. It proclaims the eternal light whether it will be acknowledged or not. This armour is invisible, healing, and not of this world, which means that - although the visible body can be destroyed and at some stage will die - the spirit can never be destroyed.



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