Yajaira Badia

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I’m a mature developed artist that has created many art from different perspectives also I draw about my life and what I am dealing with


Struggles of life


Digital Art

Artist Statement

I’m a creative artist that draws struggles during my life in my artwork I was raised and born in New York I moved from place to place but kept drawing during my life and I am a positive creative person but I draw things that affect me and makes me feel better.

How it fits into contest

My artwork defines my spritiual battle because it shows how I deal with my emotions how to do right but it also shows how I pray to god for me for him to relieve my stress and my spritiual battle and keep my head up and have faith in myself and believe in myself


Knicoma frederick

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I do take photographs of homeless animals and load to faithful friends website to help the animals in the shelter find homes

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