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I am Barbadian who loves creativity and culture. My passion for art is profound but by the grace of God it is gifted to so many.


The Armour of God is his glorious light


Digital Art

Artist Statement

The center image of the poster is depicting the concept of the troubling days which we as children of God face along our journey in life , yet we endure like soldiers for we know God and his divine book guides and protects us from darkest.

How it fits into contest

This visual art relates to Ephesians 6:10-20 as it shows the essence of a holy soldier protected by the father , the son and the holy spirit . We as the choosen ones fight our spirtual battles everyday as God shields us with his love and might. The darkest symbolizes challenges faced daily on a spiritual level while the light of crosses represent the sheild of God which is garnered by our faith and belief in him.


Theirry Gittens

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