Artist bio

MacHalifax Enakadia is an all rounded Artist who over the years has been engaged in different artistic projects. He studied Fine and Applied Art and majored in Sculpture at the University of Benin in Nigeria. He believes in the power of Love and is a firm believer of the word of God.


Night Armor


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Night Armor is one of my most thoughtfully created art pieces. It is an artwork that connects to the struggles and hard times I have had as a man, an artist and a Christian.
This artwork can be regarded as a combined effort as my wife and children inspired the creation.

Materials used: Hard Paper Tube, Aluminum Sheet and Wire, Screws, Particle Board, Acrylic Paint and Adhesive.

Composition Elements: Armored Sheep in the Wilderness about to be confronted by a Ferocious Wolf at night.

Composition Breakdown:
Sheep: We as Christians are the sheep in Christ’s flock.
Armor: The word of God in our Lives.
The Wolf in the dark wilderness: The devil, his schemes and his agents.

How it fits into contest

From time immemorial, sheep have always been vulnerable to attack form wolves. A Shepherd tries his or her best to keep the flock of sheep protected using different mediums. Shepherds have been known to arm themselves and use Dogs to protect their flock which may consist of hundreds of Sheep.
Imagine a world where the Shepherd can cover the Sheep with an impenetrable Armor which stands as the ultimate protection gear.
As Christians, we are the Sheep and Christ is our Shepherd. He has given us an impenetrable Armor which is the word of God. Now we can “Put on the full Armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians 6:11 (NIV).


MacHalifax Enakadia - Artist and Designer.

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