Grace Quiros

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I like poetry. Have written diiferent articles for my private collection. Would like to study philology and become a writer in the future.


Armour of God


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I use different materials like coffee..glue..grounded wood..das paste..corks and wood sticks for the sword. Any reusable material work. Then I spray it with black and finish with acrilic paint. A glooss barnish is the final touch so that it maintains color. This is an artisan tecnique used in Costa Rica. I am self taught.

How it fits into contest

I believe we are all warriors for God in this world. I made the words: spirit in the sword..gospel of peace in the boots..truth in the belt, salvation in the helmet, faith in the shield, and righteousness in the chest. These words are all described in the text. This is how we as christians must prepare ourselves in these difficult times. If we ware God's "garments" and defend our faith we can accomplish anything..and we will keep strong in our spiritual battle.


All by myself

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Original art. If someone is interest mail to or on facebook. Grace Evelyn Quiros

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I have other paintings

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