Artist bio

I am a Catholic catechist at our Parish Sacred Heart La Brea Trinidad and Tobago. I like using dynamic and creative avenues to reach my young people so after pushing them to Express their faith creatively for the past 5 years I have decided to enter a competition myself to inspire them and other young people in my community.


Battle of Life


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast. Charles Dickens.
This piece resonates with the life of one of our local Priests, Fr Nathansingh, who took a leap of faith and left behind what the world had to offer. He put on God's armour and was able to foght off all temptations and trials, all battles and was victorious and as a form of thankfulness became a priest and is now preparing and leading others in the battle.
Inspired by the art work of Kara Walker, I sought to recreate the verse Isaiah  42:6 as a form of victory for light over darkness as a soldier in God's army.
"I have grasped you by the hand and shaped you; I have made you a covenant of the people and light to the nations."

How it fits into contest

According to the scripture the battle is not against the flesh but against principalities. These battles take form of various trials before our eyes, idol worshipping, fornication, adultery, worldly possessions, vanity amongst many others some of which are depicted as shadows that we leave behind when we are formed in the light


I am by no means an artist so I enlisted the guidance of this wonderful art teacher, Donna Martin, who took my ideas from abstract and guided me in creating the physical piece created.

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