Artist bio

Hello I'm Roxanne Fields and I am a late bloomer. I always wanted to paint but in my generation, that was not your day job. I am very creative and needed an outlet, during a visit to a Paint and Twist, I got the inspiration and the passion for painting. I Love the Lord and I learn to trust him everyday. This entry is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone.


Self Defense



Artist Statement

When deciding on this particular piece, I drew upon my imagination of what I thought fear, death, financial burdens, jealousy, and evil would look like in the physical world. Then I wanted to show how these spirits take on the persona of monsters in our head. I also envisioned what the whole armor of God looks like.

How it fits into contest

The scripture advises us to put on the whole armor of God so that when the/your world seems bombarded with these monsters, you have spiritual weaponry ready to go to war and defeat these spirits. As we know that it is the sin nature we battle. So we attack on Earth as it is in heaven. We use the word, our prayers, our authority as ambassadors of God , the truth, our faith,to guard our hearts and minds while in battle.


Roxanne Fields

How to Purchase this Artwork

Its an original acrylic 24x24 art piece. If you are interested in purchasing this piece I can be contacted thru my email account.

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