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Pamela Letona, her painting between the figurative and the contemporary is eclectic and original, distilles the essence of the identity of the author as a Honduran woman and is also declined in the different facets of her growth as a person in her multiple nuances and techniques. Pamela Letona is a Honduran painter born in Tegucigalpa in the 70s. Self-taught, the artist discovers painting in her childhood between the mountains of the center of her Mesoamerican country and continues at the North Troopic where she currently has His paint eestudio surrounded by nature. Venture into the different media and get lost in them until dominating them has been the tonic in the artistic life of Pamela Letona from Chinese ink in miniaturist techniques until their current encaustic works, technique in which she is a pioneer in Honduras and The first in the world to use. In his 20 years he has his first exhibition "illusions" where he enters ink with Chinese ink. Launches in the figurative movement "Mesoamerican Tropic". One of your passions is interior design and it is completely absorbed by 15 years. Many successes achieved. For external reasons, he decides to leave his designer work with public and private spaces to specifically dedicate himself to art. The artist is launched in the figurative movement, with realistic scenes, and portraits of people and eloquent realism. This artist period sees his second exposure "femininity, feeling and time in 2018 at the Sampedrano cultural center. The great success obtained by this collection leads her to present her work on exhibition "80 years" of the Honduran Interameric Culture Institute. Pamela dazzles us from versatility with its sculptural exhibition: biennial and sculpture and ceramics 2019, presented at the IHCI of Tegucigalpa on the duality of physical and emotional pain with a sculptural triptych in metal wood and thread. From the figurative presents a radical change, full intense and clear colors creating oversized portraits. Pamela presents the collection "I had a dream" in the French Alliance of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa in 2019 has the opportunity to travel abroad from the country to a panama the collective exhibition in Panama September "Honduras Arte y Paz. And in participation in exhibition Honduras artistic revealed Quito with the IHCI. His artistic talent is recognized with the prizes in India, Russia, the United States and Honduras. Second place in the National Hall of Art of Cultural Center Sampedrano 2019 Award Country Honorable Mention in Sculpture and Ceramics of IHCI 2019 his search for the inner self and his confrontation to the physical and spiritual realities of his life lead him to leave behind all the conventions, free himself and start his current stage of a more conceptual art that merges the classic and the contemporary, his brushstrokes are free and fluid in movement, precise to the extreme in the drawing." In these works, my love and my pain "Euphoria Pamela Letona, is a precursor in the technique of the Encaustica in Honduras and Euphoria is its collection destined to Allow this contemporary technique to paint with fire the classic drawing. LETONA IS AED, VERSATIC AND DEEP ARTIST, THE PANDEMIC PROPULSA AND INSPIRES IT TO CREATE THIS SINIOUS SPECTION. In it explores without fear the evocation of strong feelings, pain, abandonment, love compassion. Euphoria is internationally recognized as the first award of the contest in New York: NY Art Competitions in 2020. The award-winning work is sempitrene. Nowadays the works of Pamela Letona are visible in private collections in Latin America, North America and Europe. Exhibits in India and in Paris simultaneously its last collection. Pamela Letona creates Honduran women in art as a Facebook page with the eagerness to know more Honduran artists and make them known to the whole world. Created on 2020 today, many women's artists associates, the interview format allows artists to talk about their art with the public and creates a permanent file of each of them for their own artistic promotion and for the whole world. "I want to help Honduran artists grow and be visible, we must meet us to be solidarity" has the opportunity to expose face-to-face at the International Exhibition Art in Paris, "La Formule de l'Art" 2020 September and in virtual exhibition "The thousand colors" Organized by ICALM Art, International Prism and Plastics Teachers. Member of International Prism. Participation in the proposal "Solidarity Masks" for population aid in Times of Pandemic 2020. EN 2021, "Indian Beings of the Sun", an ancestral vision in the MacKenna, Santiago de Chile Galeria, participate in the collective exhibition. Face-to-face participation In March you have the opportunity to expose in Houston, TX The Museum of the Americas and Heights Art Studios & Gallery "Women in The Arts 2021". Gets the first place in the National Salon of the Sampedrano Cultural Center 2021. And at the end of the year 2021 exhibits in New York at the Agora Gallery Gallery "The Ethereal Dance: A Winter's Dream" 2022 is chosen president of The Association of Women's Artists of Honduras. At the moment he has a fifth exhibition at the Museum for the National Identity of Honduras. Being the first artist to exhibit face-to-face.


Esse perfectus



Artist Statement

Let Flow: "Don't hold on to anything
nor to anyone, everything has its moment.
In our lives and also has a reason." we are all human beings full of virtues and have vibrant colors and at the same time we have errors that darken our being. Home is within and you will fill your life with color again.

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We all have battles, some won and others defeated. But God is always good. No matter what adversity we are in, God is good. With this work I have had the battle itself. Since I have had people approach me and change my way of thinking. I declared that our God created Man and Woman only. but many opinions have been aggressive and that I hace to open my mind, since I am limiting and I am not diversity. but I am still standing knowing that my Father is by my side. I didn't think that with art I would create chaos. but it has helped me to be firm in my beliefs and the mercy of God.


I have always seen your publications, but because of what I have mentioned I have felt that I have to raise my voice. since there is a lot of confusion in this world. If with art I can reach a heart. that would suffice.

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the work has a cost of $3,500.00.

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