Artist bio

My name is Maurissa Armstrong. I live in Trinidad. For as long as I can remember I have always loved drawing. I don't have much formal training in art and design. I recently completed an online class that taught me character drawing. I also love movies and the impact it can have on people, especially as a tool for evangelism. When I write or draw it's usually inspired by scripture and looks like something out of a cartoon!


The Warriors have engaged the enemy!


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This illustration depicts a battle between the forces of darkness and the children of light. The leader of the 'children of light' is Darrius; his weapon of choice is the sword. He has 5 team mates; Stefan who carries a shield, Shenelle who carries a belt, Danelle who wears shoes with rocket boosters, Alvin who has a breastplate and Colin who has a helmet with special technology loaded into it.

How it fits into contest

Frustrated with life as he knew it, Darrius, the main character cried out to God and God visited him and gave him a dream. In the dream God instructed him to go to a foreign land where he learns about life from a different perspective. He develops friendships with 5 other youngsters. They each have special abilities and armour that help them. Darrius eventually finds a weapon he can master.
Much like the Ephesians who were encouraged by Paul to use their spiritual weapons in Eph 6:10, Darrius first learns how to use the weapons then goes into battle.


I, Maurissa Amstrong came up with the story idea then went from sketch to refined illustration.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This digital illustration is my own concept but not being sold anywhere at the moment.

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