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Tina is an artist from London, Ontario who loves to paint in her spare time. She enjoys expressing her passion with all types of artistic media, including acrylic and watercolour painting, coloured pencil, and mixed media pieces which incorporate metals. She has recently been sharing her passion in art through teaching painting classes and displaying her art at various locations through Ontario including at the Westland Gallery, For the Love of Art, local fairs and festivals. She has also participated in painting fundraisers for Child sponsorship and has artistically designed and built stage sets for faith-based conferences in Toronto. Tina is also working on publishing her first book, "Devotions for the Artist at Heart."




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This artwork was inspired after hearing Shaila Visser from Alpha Canada speak. She said she wanted to "hold onto the coattails of the Holy Spirit and never let go." I immediately started visualizing the Spirit as a dove, and as I continued to think about it, I made hands reaching toward the Spirit to show how we desire to reach for and follow the Spirit's leading.

I used tones of gold and purple in the background to represent royalty. I used wire and metals for texture which are curved into spirals coming out from behind the dove to imply the movement of wind and the work of the Holy Spirit. The dove is created in aluminum for an interesting texture and to also catch the viewer's eye with light as the viewer walks past the artwork.

This piece of artwork fits with my recent works that incorporate metals and wire. They are all hand-cut without the use of laser cutting. These pieces of artwork are intended to work with light and movement so that the viewer will be drawn to it as he or she walks by.

How it fits into contest

Eph 6:18 speaks of praying in the Spirit and this artwork is representative of seeking and holding onto the Holy Spirit. This piece also represents the desire to follow God and the Holy Spirit in all that we do.

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people."


Tina Rae composed, painted, cut and put together this artwork.

How to Purchase this Artwork

The original painting is $395. Original artwork is on a 12"x12" wooden canvas and is made with aluminum, wire, and acrylic paint. Canvas depth is 1" and aluminum artwork extends off of the canvas to a depth of approximately .5 of an inch. Prints are also available for $20 and are printed on coverstock paper.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Painting workshops, Book "Devotions for the Artist at Heart" soon to be published.

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