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I believe in the elegant, slow approach to seeing. A mindful, studied possession of the world in front of me. I am quick to discard the low hanging fruits or a needy marquis. I find the hidden and secret whispers of the universe, caught in the corner of my hungry eyes. I am king to the court, of all that is secondary and unnoticed. Lost to the fervor, and rush of hurried steps, to nowhere. I demand pause in the interest of beauty, which so often is simply born of the slightest tilt of the head, or a lowered brow. As I age, I know few things with confidence, yet of one I’m sure. Perspective is paramount. The way I look is in concert with the world I’m looking at. I see visual relationships that I commune with through my work. I expose the underserved aspects of a disjointed reality, that I weave together, to tell the story, of us. Eriq is currently focused on weaving ephemera into upcycled works, that promote reframing perspectives. He finds kinship with the discarded and discounted materials he employs, a theme in his photography as well. A student of OTIS College of Art and Design and UCLA Fine Arts prepared him for an expansive and varied career, which has included commissions in Bronze, as well as fine art originals and prints for Corporate clients. Eriq's work can be found in noteable collections throughout the world, which are playful, melancholy examples of his nimble curiosity.


Eye of an needle. The fall from riches.


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

A mixed media, organization of recycled materials, in a weaved format. Incorporating layering and multiple planes of assembly and intersection. It speaks to the discarded, pedestrian, everyday materials which go unnoticed or appreciated for their contributions and value. Humble materials that speak to the rising up of voice when used in concert. The whole being possible only by its parts.

How it fits into contest

The spiritual battle,in context of our current spiritual, moral, and religious landscape is made evident by the glaring lack of appropriate tone. Those with voice in the larger conversation, have contorted the most base and fundamental principles of Gods word. It is the truly humble that keep space for the true light of Jesus Christ’s message. The battle we face today is a very real enemy, within ourselves. The grasping for money, property and prestige, it’s wounds. The path to victory coming in the taking up of mighty spiritual awakening, that is born of redemption in Christ.


Eriq Henri Madsen

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original work. Unframed.
Contact information via the artist website.

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Corporate commissions. Bronze Commissions. Commissions to the hospitality industry.

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