Evan Anderson

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My name is Evan Anderson and I am a missionary doing the will of God through various forms of art!


Hopeful Henry


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

They are all different pieces of my journey. The yellow cross is from a necklace during children’s ministry at my first church in California. The blue button is from a n old shirt of mine. The Lord called me to move to Florida about a month ago, the helmet of salvation is made out of one of the shells from the fie beaches I went to. The boots are made of velvet, rich, incomparable comfort like only the PEACE that God provides. The project is like a Holy doll figure for children. It’s what a child should see in themselves.

How it fits into contest

Hopefully Henry has been on a journey. He carries every part of the armory of God with him at all times. That is what makes him hopeful. He is hopeful that his armor will protect him again the spiritual battles and the schemes of the principalities of darkness. He is equipped and firmly ready to stand against the enemy. Which is why I assured that he could stand up on his own. Hopeful Henry knows he needs to stand UPRIGHT as a soldier of God’s army!


Evan Anderson - Myself. And of course God and the Holy Spirit guiding and directing me through this.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original work of art.
Evan Anderson
Instagram: @harmonys_ribbon

I may be contacted through my email address or my art set platform on Instagram and I will be able to arrange the purchase with the buyer that way.

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Small group watercolor workshops for all ages. Dance workshops for all ages: praise dance, hip hop, etc., dance performances, personal watercolor paintings for businesses or gifts.

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