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Eye Of the Beholder


Mixed Media

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Imagine you are walking down a sidewalk. You look in the distance and notice a dandelion. A weed that has cracked the concrete and pushed it's self through the side walk. It's fairly tall and flowering.

When looking at 'Eye of the beholder' you are seeing how I have captured a spiritual dandelion.

My piece is of an individual who is battle weary but faithful to the cause. Their head is bleeding yet unbowed. They give the impression of gazing beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. They are eyes are focused beyond what is right in front of them. As if they are perceiving another world. Their body resembles a chalk outline, yet flowers and life burst from their eyes, their gaze is off into the distance as if seeing far into the future. There is the knowledge and what is occurring is a much bigger story. Almost as If they are in a trance or dream. I show no hands or limbs, just a person seemingly unprotected yet standing strong in a way that is fully unimaginable for such a frail weak looking person.

How it fits into contest

' Is it possible to grow into what God intended for us despite challenges?".

What would the characteristics of a faithful soul look like on canvas, one who is Ephesians 6:10-20 spiritual battle coupled with Hosea 14: 5-6 which states “I will be like dew to the people of Israel. They will blossom like flowers. They will be firmly rooted like cedars from Lebanon. They will be like growing branches. They will be beautiful like olive trees. They will be fragrant like cedars from Lebanon.”

Strength is the major theme of my artwork. Gentle, hopeful, persistent strength. It is inspired by seeing life prevail in unexpected places. One of these places are sidewalks. Areas paved over made of concrete. Places where it seems impossible flora and fauna flourish. Yet despite the overwhelmingly harsh unwelcoming environment they rise fully prepared to be faithful to what they are. They rise without compromising who they are. They truly embody the spirit of both of the verses.

Ephesians 6:10-20 is a call to stand strong even when we are chained. It is guidance and how to be true to our cause despite our circumstances.

It calls us to work on ourselves and grow. It doesn't tell us how to change the world it's instructions on how to be the change we want to see in the world.

How to grow with integrity and fight for what we believe in despite where we may find ourselves.


I would like to recognize the Hart Gallery, TN. They are a flower growing as they were intended despite many challenges.

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