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Born and raised in Nebraska, John Bergmeier now resides in North Carolina. Coming from the American heartland, John traces the roots of his inspiration back to his Christian upbringing, and considers his faith an integral part of his art and of his motivation. He states, “I am increasingly becoming more confident and daring in expressing my Christian faith through my art, that and to touch the emotions of people is what I strive for.”


Pray For Me Also (Ephesians 6:18-20)


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My work typically includes imagery from nostalgic sources pulled from my personal memories and dreamy sentiment. The visual aspect is multi-layered, not only with purposeful texts but also with the colors themselves. Biblical accounts and theology influence the different themes and vignettes associated with the artwork compositions that I make. I draw inspiration from the Christian tradition of portraying human nature in all its simplicity, complexity and drama. I wish to depict these emotions in my work.

How it fits into contest

I am strongly drawn to the later verses of this Biblical directive that speak of prayer. As important as the visual imagery is of the Armor of God, I feel that in contrast to the heaviness of ideas associated with the battles and struggles with spiritual forces of evil...there is a calm and peace in Paul's request for prayer in the later verses. This also can be seen as the finishing touches of the verses, ones that finish the requested actions for us in our own personal spiritual battles. I planned to portray active prayer, that is praying hands that visually appear as if moving and having an almost gestural progress heavenward. The Gospel words on the sides of the wrist visually support and reinforce the act of prayer along with drawn marks that show the echo and outgoing reverberations from praying.


John Bergmeier is the sole creator of this mixed media drawing on paper.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original mixed media drawing on paper.

Price: $650

contact via email - John Bergmeier at

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