Nicole Johns

Artist bio

Born and raised in Jamaica, I mainly model and do photography for fun and to express my creativity.


Shield of Faith



Artist Statement

I initially wanted to create a video or animation suitable for the contest topic, however, due to lack of funds, I almost gave up on the idea of participating in the contest. As I sat in my apartment thinking of my options, I looked down on my floor and there it was! The tile inside my apartment had a perfect cross!!

How it fits into contest

We all have our own personal spiritual battles and sometimes we get so caught up in the physical that we forget to take up the shield of faith, with which all the flaming arrows of the evil one can be extinguished (verse 16).

The shield of faith is encompassing of God's promise to each, that he will always be with us, throughout our personal struggles.

At this point in my life, I am also going to my own personal struggles, but this I take this unlikely holy symbol in my apartment, that God is with me and I have total faith that he will see me through this challenging phase of my life.


Nicole Johns - Photographer and Editor

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