Artist bio

I am many things a husband a father to three awsome boys a soldier for 37 years I an artist. I taught myself how to paint both my plan was to go to school to be a graphic artist but life changed course and that didnt happen I get up at 4 AM to paint and pray about my day I enjoy creating. I try to develope emotions through the piece I create.


The chains of Temptation



Artist Statement

This piece shows some of the vises of this world and how they can chain you in bondage to those desires .The things that glitter so to speak Money,relationships attacks from the fire arrows of Satans soldiers of destruction can keep you in bondage here on earth. GOD is always present in his army of Angles and soldiers that stand at our side,protecting us from those arrows of deatruction. Standing in prayer, singing his name asking for the armor of God to protect you is Gods way of helping you battle the enemy.Gods unseen army stands with us through every trial we face in our journey here on earth.

How it fits into contest

This work shows a man surrounded by some of the temptations that we face every day, It is easy to become bound by the schemes of the Devil, love of money , unhealthy relationships, and always the threat of the tools the Satan uses, depression , failures self doubt. The firey arrows launched against you. Ephesoana 6:10-20 tells us to use Gods power, his authority to put on the armor of God to stand against the Devils schemes. Those are Gods tools given to us to protect us from the powers of the dark world


This piece is my creation, i 30 years ago I did a painting of a skier falling into a dark hole with a rose of dealth coming from it

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