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My name is Sara de los Cobos, aka La Regia. I am a Visual Artist from Monterrey N.L. México born in 1980, graduated from the Visual Arts career at the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ), Faculty of Fine Arts and Darmasiswa Scholarship 2013 program at ISI Surakarta, by the Indonesian Embassy in Mexico. My work includes individual and collective exhibitions of photography, performance, dance, design, paint, and batik like “Frida Selamanya” at Tembi Gallery, D’Omah Hotel Mexican Consulate in Jogyakarta, “Sabbatical Stories” in the Senate of the Republic in México City, “Mexico-L-indo” at the UAQ Forensic Classroom Auditorium among others in addition to my participation as host and deco&crafts specialist for the tv show "Hágalo Simple" on Utilísima FOX International Broadcasting Company. My art is been influenced by the mixture of cultures that lead the daily expression of visual communication, my more strong inspiration come from my teachers Ramsés de la Cruz, William Nezme (Ill Cubo Creations), Gustavo Ferrari (Ferrari Fileteados), Bpk. Tatang Elmy Wibowo (Batik Leksa Ganesha), Kembar Setiyadi and Setiyono and Rafael Rodríguez. I believe that art is the manifestation of the human soul that lacks a specific format: the form of expression and the artist are merely messengers who seek to materialize it in each of its immeasurable emanations.





Artist Statement

My painting is a desperate scream to exist. The human face is my map and my compass, it is the entire universe contained in its physical form; the entrance and exit to eternity. My work only reflects the forgotten fragment of what the observer feels the need to reflect.

How it fits into contest

The most powerful weapon that has been infused into humans in
the battle against evil, is God's Holy Spirit who creates an eternal covenant with us. The one who listens to the Holy Spirit is filled with all his gifts and can fight any kind of tribulation. In my art work I express the infusion of it to the human soul before its journey to the world, Alpha and Omega accompany this scene as the representation of the Father who is our beginning and our end. Pentecostés is a surrealistic art piece where you can feel the celebration of the soul, full of signs and symbolism to anybody who wants to "see" that remind us to not fear because the war is already won.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Oil on canvas
$650 dlls (plus shipping)
If interested, contact me at my instagram accounts (laregiaart or iamlaregia) or vía whatsapp at +521 442 447 3638.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Any kind of art in any media but most on portraits and illustration. Mostly i work with human face.
You can DM me on my instagram accounts (laregiaart and iamlaregia) whatsapp at +52 1 442 447 3638 or via e-mail at

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