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I grew up on a large farm in the Midwest. We took care of a lot of animals, and my favorites were the horses. I spent my younger years riding horseback with my brothers and sister. My first experience with art began at a very young age. I drew my siblings on scraps of paper. As I grew older, I drew the horses on our farm as well as many landscapes. Off and on throughout my entire life, I have either been working on drawings, paintings, crafts of all shapes and sizes, and wood works. But my favorite artistic activity is painting. I have travelled to many states in the US, and taken many photos. Sometimes, I will see a scene that I know will make a great painting someday, so I will snap a few photos of it and tuck it away on a sim card. In my creative practice I later return to these photographs and encounters to use in my art works. My process not always intentional. I do not have a preconceived notion of what the outcome of an art project will be. I am exploring to see what is possible and I am curious to discover what will happen. As I critique my progress, I take on the role of observer as well as creator, and I often leave a painting unfinished, to come back later and review it with a fresh perspective. This gives me a more objective look at the creation, and guides me to do my best work. So I sometimes have 4 or 5 paintings in my studio that are incomplete. The painting that I have provided to the Gallery was created specifically for this contest.


Sword of The Spirit



Artist Statement

This painting depicts how one can use The Sword of The Spirit to defend themselves, both in a physical way, using a physical sword, but also in a Spiritual way, by using God's Words. The spark that is created when he places the shaft into the stone shows how the Word of God can spread from that single spark.
I chose this depiction to show that carrying The Sword of The Spirit with me means that I can use the Word of God to guard against those who would want to separate me from Him, and also to talk to others about God.

How it fits into contest

This entry perfectly compliments the topic - it shows the way a person can physically protect themselves, but also spiritually, by using the Word of God in their everyday lives to combat evil.


I think the challenge itself helped me to focus on how to depict the Bible passage for the contest.

How to Purchase this Artwork

The best way to contact me is through email:

This painting is 18"x24"
It can be framed using an EZ frame, no additional cost.

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I have an online art gallery on Facebook, where I display and offer artworks for sale.

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