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Joe Cory is an artist and educator who is passionate about using art to figure out this complex world and point others to Jesus. After spending 35 years in the midwest—and earning degrees from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA) and the University of Chicago (MFA)— Joe and his family loaded up their minivan and moved to the south where he spends his days teaching at Samford University, working in the studio or leading the board of CIVA: Christians in the Visual Arts, a national organization dedicated to supporting faith-based artists and the church. Joe’s work has been displayed at a variety of venues around the country and he has won numerous grants and awards. An introvert by nature, when he's not working, he enjoys reading, watching sports, or hanging out with his very patient wife and their four children.


The Raven and the Dove (Lord Have Mercy)


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This piece, "The Raven and the Dove (Lord Have Mercy)" is part of a traveling exhibition I created called "Out of the Depths." The exhibition explores the ongoing Middle Eastern migrant crisis. The large mixed media painting on canvas depicts the fragmented image of a raven chasing a dove. In the spaces between the image is the text "ya rabb Irham," which in English means "Lord Have Mercy." The raven symbolizes evil and the dove symbolizes peace. The imagery is painted on top of nautical maps, which represent migration and movement around the world. In the context of the exhibition, the painting serves as a short prayer (Lord have mercy) over the ongoing evil in the world persistent of the peace of Christ.

How it fits into contest

This painting is a symbolic representation of the cosmic powers that rule over the present darkness in the world, but which cannot defeat the peace of Christ who will prevail over evil upon his return. The fragmentation of the image represents our human inability to see the whole picture and into the spiritual realm. The Arabic text is a reference to our Chrisitan brothers and sisters who live and worship in the Middle East.


Joe Cory

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Orignal work. Sale Price is $3000.
Mixed Media on Canvas
48 x 72 inches

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Direct commissions, public speaking/preaching, group workshops, curriculum design

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