Tracy Skinner

Artist bio

After graduating with a BA in Photography and Fine Art from California State University, Long Beach, I worked in corporate theater for many years. I provided visual design for major corporations such as NBC, Piper Aircraft, Ford Motor Corporation, Harley Davidson, and Women in Film just to name a few. At the age of 40,I retired from the corporate world to raise a family with my husband. Since 2013 I have focused on the process of printmaking and found it to be the perfect medium that allows me to fuse images and/or photography with a hands on approach to the final creation: the print. Much of my work is inspired by my faith in God, my inner struggle to find God’s truth, and the complexity of human nature to the simplicity of nature around us. My work is sometimes whimsical, sometimes contemplative and sometimes ambiguous. I have been a volunteer at the Irvine Fine Arts Center's Open Studio for printmaking since 2014. I am a member of the Fallbrook Artist Guild, Fallbrook Art Association , and CIVA.





Artist Statement

I love printmaking as a process to create my art. This is a monoprint with several paper lithographic techniques and rice paper chine colle. The background is composed of Romans 7:14 The trouble is with me, for I am all too human, a slave to sin....for I want to do right but I don't do it. I often like to use the scripture that inspired the art in the background of the print. Sometimes it is prominent and sometimes subtle.

How it fits into contest

The piece that I am entering “Transformed” was born out of the book of Romans: the spiritual warfare of good verses evil within our own heart. For me, it is those ever so small battles that seem to creep into our life that require God’s love, His word and His power to overcome. I have often thought that it is easy to follow Christ when everything in your life is going your way. When people are nice to me, it is easy to be nice in return. the question for myself is: how do I behave to others when my world is tested? When the roof leaks. When the car won’t start. When someone cuts you off in traffic. When someone says something unkind to you. The day to day experiences we all face that test who we are in Christ and our faith in our Lord to bring us through those challenges with a kind and gentle spirit. As I have grown in Christ I have come to realize that Christ has condemned sin in the flesh and set our minds on things of the spirit that our own spirit can be transformed. He has given us a way out from our sinful nature and His grace is new every morning. But as in any battle, we must be wise and strong. We must fight with the tools that our Lord has given us to resist that sinful nature.For me, memorizing different verses of God’s word helps me focus on Christ in those moments. Although my circumstances may not be perfect, God and His word are and they have their perfect result: peace and joy.


Tracy Loreque Skinner. Artist/printmaker who created the piece.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original work.
$350. unframed
Monoprint on BFK Archival paper with Charbonnel ink and Chine Colle rice paper. Created on a Laguna Etching Press.
Please contact me by email.

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