Dion Gibson

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Dion Gibson loves imaginative compositions and industrial design. Has been painting from the age of eleven . Likes to artistically explore issues surrounding what is unseen.


Just Stand



Artist Statement

The background portrays a type of personification of five (5) types of evil/ darkness that come to invade the christian's life. (From left to right) Witchcraft, Death, Oppression, Arrogance, Deception.
In the center is the person ( in the spirit realm) wearing the full armour, however he is not in a battle stance but a type of praying stance. So he is "Just Stand-ing" in the midst of impending battle as a darkness surrounds him and a demonic army can be seen approaching on the dark horizon. While he stands, we see rays of light streaming from above and specifically shining in the area where he is. This is to depict that there is an open heaven over his position.
As the fiery arrows are being shot, they fail to penetrate.
There are 3 angels covering him, each one can also be symbolic of the Holy Trinity. They are primed and ready to engage in battle in accordance to "Prayer".
The forcefield demonstrates the infallible nature of God's word which insists that "No weapon Formed against me shall prosper _Isaiah 54:17_

How it fits into contest

It is a type of glance at what happens in the spiritual realm . The focus was to highlight the supernaturAl effect of Faith against the enemy's fiery arrows. The hebrew word Emunah (Faith) is scribed at the top of the shield to depict it's relevance, priority and importance to a Christian's wellbeing. In the middle of the shield is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The warrior and shield are both covered in red/crimson... (symbolic of the blood).
His faith shield seems to exceed expectations since it supernaturally provides a full forcefield that protects him on every side; not just in one or two directions as a normal shield would.


Dion Gibson : artist

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