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Hailing from the land of wood and water, Jhenelle Lewis is a Public Relations specialist with a burning zeal for the performing arts. Lewis is a graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica, where she graduated with first class honors having earned a BA in Communication Arts and Technology. Engaged in ministry from a young age, she has been a member of her church choir and a number of performing arts groups including the Jamaica Youth Chorale, Jamaica Musical Theatre Company and the Quilt Performing Arts Company. Baptized at the tender age of ten years old, her life and purpose has been guided by the Word and will of God. A passionate visionary, she strives to become the best version of herself through the help of God and the Holy Spirit.


Soft Whispers


Digital Art

Artist Statement

Soft Whispers' is a digitally manipulated photo representing the forces at play in the spiritual battle being fought daily. There is flesh, the being which we are most connected to, and then there are demonic forces and angelic forces (good and evil); both at odds and both seeking to influence the soul which dwells in flesh. I used the model's face and likeness to represent both the angelic being (good) and the demonic being (evil) due to the fact that these forces/voices of influence often seem as though they come from within us. Negative thoughts, destructive thoughts, positive thoughts and encouraging thoughts all seem to come from the same place - Our minds. The truth? These voices are sometimes not our own, but are the whispers of either the enemy or the Holy Spirit. It also comments on the fact that we in ourselves are dual, likely to think/do evil and good.

The smoke in the artwork is symbolic of the fire that the soul is engulfed in on a day to day basis.You do not see the fire in the image, but you see the evidence of it, which is the smoke. This is representative of the fact that we cannot see the forces that we fight against, however, we feel the effects of these forces.

The possibility of being burnt and scarred in this battle is high, however, if we listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, and arm ourselves in the complete armor of God these wounds and bruises will be a symbol of endurance and not a mark of destruction.

How it fits into contest

This Work fits squarely into the Ephesians 6 text as it depicts the spiritual forces warned against in the scripture. For we battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. It is important in this battle that we are able to identify the voices that belong to God and the voices that belong to the devil. If we do not, we will be prey to the wiles of the enemy. It is a visual representation of the of verse 12 of Ephesians 6. It encompasses our struggle with good and evil and the spiritual tug of war between the two. The only way to clear the spoke and stand with strength is to be armored up in Christ and in the Word.


Model - Deshaunae Lewis
Photographer - Javaughn Lewis
Digital Artiste - Jhenelle Lewis

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Video editing, Graphic Design, Singer, Concert Performer

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