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I am A self-taught South African artist and I believe that art is ultimately about people. A building uninhabited serves no purpose - just as art serves no purpose hidden. I seek to portray scenes with beauty and appeal that, at a glance, arrests, and is profound enough to hold the eye and deep enough to have you lost. You must exit the realm of my artwork with a personal experience, because what is art if it doesn't connect. Art is a timeless marvel that possesses the power to invoke emotion and change a person. If what I create could make people realise the beauty of life, the world could become a better place to live in - giving reason and meaning to life because a life with purpose is well lived and a life well lived makes a difference. My inspirations come from architecture, nature, the ‘Old Masters’, The Word, the past, present, and imagined future. The world is vast and changing and I am open to learning, growing and finding my voice as an artist and individual, therefore I do not limit myself to a specific medium or style. I started drawing with graphite pencils and colour pencils but as I evolve so do the mediums I use. I have done acrylic paintings, scribble art, pastel portraits, liquid art and continue to explore because one can never stop learning. The medium of the artwork can add a lot to the mood it conveys, therefore I continue to explore so I can grow as an artist and make a lasting impact on the beholders of my work.


Armour of God - Stand firm



Artist Statement

The woman is evidently the focal point of the artwork but she is also meant to be a point of connection for the beholder to realise their standing as a child of God. The perspective of the image is angled from below, meant to draw the eye to the heavens - past all the darkness to that bright spot in the sky. It is small and far to symbolise the fact that the way to heaven isn't an easy one but one that requires commitment to God.

The woman's countenance is unafraid and she is fully equipped, standing firm in authority and victory because she knows that Jesus Christ has already defeated every opposition. The helmet is represented as a halo - simply because I wanted the spiritual warriors face exposed. She is looking to the heavens acknowledging God and that she does not stand strong by her own ability but by His spirit. She is surrounded by darkness which represents Eph 6v12. The warrior stands in darkness but is not consumed by it. This is represented by the lighting. Everything about the lighting in the artwork is not accurately portrayed in an attempt to surrealistically separate her from the darkness.

How it fits into contest

My artwork is focused on Ephesians 6v12 which talks about the rulers, authorities and the powers of this DARK world and the authority that the woman in the forefront has to stand firm because she put on the full armour of God as mentioned from Ephesians 6v14. Everything portrayed in the piece centres around the unseen and that the darkness is teeming with spiritual activity. Everything occurs spiritually first - causing it to manifest in the flesh and that is why ‘our war is not against flesh and blood’ because thats not where the problem starts. It just pours over into the physical realm therefore we need to always stand ready as the warrior portrayed in the this piece.


I want to thank God for allowing me the opportunity to enter this competition and even though I failed to accurately portray the image envisioned, I am still able to submit. I am also thankful to everyone who supported me throughout the process.

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