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Stephanie Herrera is an emergent integral artist who has explored many different ways of expression throughout her life, including digital art, music, photography, dancing, and painting, now returning to the traditional techniques where she has found her passion and her connection to God. Since very little, she had an affinity towards drawing and painting, and today she dedicates her life to painting for God and herself, always searching themes of interior sanity and self-discovery. Stephanie is also the founder of Escuela de Arte Online, a virtual art learning platform designed to bring quality education for the Latino audience.


Light in the darkness



Artist Statement

I use high contrast in a lot of my paintings, so with this piece, I wanted to create a very strong light vs. dark theme, but simple white vs. black wouldn't cut it, so I added the gold leaf to create a central focal point and give the composition that much needed touch of color. The original idea was to have demons surrounding the darkness but in the end, I chose to leave the dark as a subjective menacing character, so as not to overcrowd the piece and to keep focus on my main character, the sword and the light.

How it fits into contest

God gifted me with a very vivid imagination, so I always think of a dark atmosphere with dark beings surrounding us all the time, especially when I'm praying at night, but the strong light of God keeps us safe and protected as if we are inside a bubble. I connected with this feeling while reading the scriptures to create this work, because we're not fighting against flesh and blood, we're fighting the evil that we don't see. And of course, the female in full armor was a must, this is a representation of how I see myself when I speak the word of God.


Stephanie Herrera - artist and photographer

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original work. It's a mixed media painting done with graphite, black ink and gold leaf on cold-pressed Arches paper.
Dimensions: 22.5 inches x 20 inches
Price: $1500
For purchase options, you can email me at

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I'm open for commissions right now, and we're creating free YouTube art content for a spanish speaking audience, as well as live videos every week. Soon we'll be launching a full portrait course on our site.

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