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Gersha H. Tjaaroeme is presently the co-founder of Simply Cachet Events and Productions located in St. Maarten. Her expertise as a professional artist for 12 years has allowed her to transition into the areas of productions and staging for the past 8 years. She has also been actively doing producing events such as concerts and dance productions throughout the island of St. Maarten and the region. She is presently a Dance Choreographer and Instructor at Dance and Arts Dimensions Academy. She has yearly functions within the community including, Toy Drive Giveaways, Teachers Appreciation Ceremony and clothing drives for the less fortunate. She has been very instrumental enhancing the artistic abilities in the lives of youths and adults in the areas of visual arts. She believes that her authentic gifting in music, dance, painting and interior design have all be given and anointed by the Holy Spirit to show forth the splendor and authenticity of God. She teaches with the understanding that everything done in this life should give God Glory and should be done with excellence. Dance and Arts Dimensions Academy Foundation Dance and Arts Dimensions Academy Foundation is a non-profit organization founded under the leadership of Minister Jane Hendrickson. We were the first established Christian Dance and Arts school on the island of St. Maarten. We have been in operation since 1985 and recently celebrated 35 wonderful years in existence. We have been fortunate to do missionary work in dance, drama and the Arts in the islands of the Caribbean and the United States. Our doors are always open to assist those who would like to dance no matter their background or religious beliefs, all are welcomed to join. So many lives have passed through our doors even if only for a semester. This gave us an opportunity to share the gospel of Christ and transform lives. Our Aim: To showcase the love of God through dance and drama to as many persons as possible. We also love the opportunity to reach out and share our ministry to the less fortunate, orphanage, foster home and elderly.


"Piercing Through Principalities"



Artist Statement

This Art piece is centered around the spiritual wickedness in high places. I believe one of the main pieces of armor that the Lord has given us is the Word of God which represents Christ Himself.

From the lower level of the painting (the blues, teals, purples and blacks) depicts demonic activity in high places. The enemies hands depicts him doing whatever he can to steal, kill and destroy God's people including taking control of the atmosphere, this is why the hands are surrounded by clouds.

This is depicting when the devil has a strong hold, and even though you are fighting to break free there is a battle going on for the control of mind, body and spirit which is where the enemy thinks he has won. He is unaware he doesn't have the last say.

When you feel that you are at you end, the sword of the spirit will pierce through any principalities and strong holds that may be holding you bondage. Jesus cuts through the darkness, blocks the enemy's attacks by breaking through every layer of the atmosphere with his sword which is the word of God. The dove represents the Holy Spirit with the reminder that Jesus fights with the host of heaven backing him. Red clouds in the heavens represent his blood which is a reminder that we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.
The yellows, oranges and red colors represent God strength and power superseding the enemy's attacks.

To be truthful the completion of this project was a personal struggle. There were several times I heard voices saying it's okay, you don't have to do this and in the same breath I heard the Holy Spirit saying this is a step I have to take. So I push through the doubt and believed and trusted God for his guidance. I realized that the name piercing the Darkness truly fits this painting because I saw the Lord renewing my mind and revealed what was on his heart for me to do in this piece.

How it fits into contest

In high place where you would normally focus on because we tend to unfortunately live and dwell in the physical realm more than the spiritual. Most of the time we are unaware or choose to ignore that there is a war constantly going on in the heaviness.
In this piece the Sword is the Word of God. The sword also cuts through principalities, power, the rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high place.


Visual Art Credits totally go to The Holy Spirit.

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