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Bio & Statement Julia Muench is a multi disciplinary and visionary artist based in the Central New Jersey area. Much of her creative focus has been on her own designs and original fiber art work, spanning back to the 1990’s. She now works in various mixed media, including but not exclusively, mosaic and collage. Julia’s artwork is currently on display at the 2020 Winter Show Exhibit in the Duxbury, MA, Art Complex Center. Her additional art work may viewed at online at She received a 2020 Award for her work Birthing of Ideas now on exhibit at the Art Complex Museum of Duxbury, Massachusetts through April 18th. Julia’s work reveals her esthetic sense of starting with basic geometric and organic forms, then breaking out of them to build into new structures. Statement: When I am in the process of working on a new piece, I become deeply concentrated into the emergence of the work. This focus may take me to a creative place full of new possibilities. I find that starting out within a set of certain boundaries, can also allow me to break out of them, if I find it makes sense esthetically. Geometric and organic forms hold fascination for me, and I like to work starting with a simple configuration(s), and maybe expand from there. Over time, the results may be surreal, or dream-like. Whimsy, and motion also play a part in my work.


Snow Flower


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Snow Flower depicts the bold flowering of the Spirit, despite obstacles, rising out of the icy snow, arriving above as a heroic symbol of LIFE itself.

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Ephesians 6:10- 20
is sending the message that through girding one's self with the armor of TRUTH, PEACE and above all FAITH, one can overcome the "firey darts" of the negative dark forces. The visual artist is in constant search of truth, peace and has faith through the pure positive act of artistic creation itself. The pure act of artistic creation, guided in the LIGHT, is a meditation or incessant prayer that overcomes, rise above and wash away the demons of falsehood, hatred, and doubt. My original piece "Snow Flower" is a positive visual symbol of LIGHT and GROWTH depicting the heroic act of overcoming the dark forces, and rising valiantly into TRUTH, PEACE and FAITH.


Julia Muench is the sole designer and creator of the piece "Snow Flower", a mixed media work of art, made of hand dyed fabrics and glass beadwork.

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This is an original work of mine. NFS

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Direct commissions.

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