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I am currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at Louisiana Tech University School of Design. I have earned my Bachelor's in Graphic Communications with a minor in Photography at Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA. I work as a teaching assistant on campus.


Vice and Virtue



Artist Statement

This pen and ink work titled, "Vice and Virtue," is about the symbology of the raven and dove as depicted in the story of Noah's Ark. The raven has been described as an ill omen in the past, however, has a complex history of meanings. For the sake of this work, it contrasts with the dove as a means of failure and success. In a way, the dove and raven are the Christian Ying and Yang; Peace and Strife. The dogwoods represent resurrection and renewal of the spirit.

How it fits into contest

I think it fits in that I've mention the conflict of good versus evil; the peace and strife, the push and pull, the ying and yang. The dogwoods are a significant symbol of perseverance, the Spirit, and all things good.


Hannah Fulton

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Pen and ink on Bristol

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