Artist bio

Austin's work addresses theological problems in western society, with special regard to social development and widely assumed beliefs. Austin is explicitly interested in the collapse between Capitalism and Christianity as well as the inconsistencies between America's professions and its practices. He has been captivated by the contrast of lithographies contemplative process and its historical role as a medium of propaganda. It is his desire to temporarily indoctrinate his viewers into an inquisitive mindset about the concepts at hand.


Quotidian Deposition State Two.



Artist Statement

Quotidian Deposition State II was made to reflect the changing landscape of Portland Maine and, in specific, Munjoy Hill. This neighborhood has been changing rapidly over the last five to ten years and reflects the shift in values and demographics of the oners of theses properties. These changes greatly affect vulnerable populations such as Maine's international refugees and others who may be less privleged. These changes begin slowly and take root fare before the landscape reflects the transition. They also have lasting effects long after these changes are noticed and dispite people protesting "Save our street" the unseen war has already been lost.

How it fits into contest

Ephesians 6 10-20 calls Christians to be vigilant and prepared binding together the full armor of God and to never cease in our prayer, so that we may be ready when the unseen battle arrives. In parrele this piece addresses the unseen battle for greed and power that threatens communities around and the word. The communities that are petition thier cause, stay aware of their circumstance, and bind together to work as one body can make the best stand to preserve thier communities and slow the effects of gentrifacation.


Austin Armstrong

How to Purchase this Artwork

600 Framed original Lithograph hand printed.

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