Artist bio

My name is Andrea Gonzalez, I'm 20 years old and I'm Panamanian. I'm an actress and makeup artist. My mom thought to work hard for what I want in life. I dream of going to Canada or the USA one the to study acting. So far I have not been able to aford an education outside my country. When I heard about this contest I was in a bad place,but I got really excited, and the theme was close to my heart. If I win I would use the money to pay for college. Regardless this has been a great experience it gave me a lot of inspiration a reason to keep beliving in my dreams.


The Fire Armour



Artist Statement

It is a background with a cloudy sunset with lightning and a sea storm to the sides in the bottom. in the middel to walls of fire and a crown of fire, and tainted in sin a girl with a burning heart full of faith.

How it fits into contest

This painting consist of 4 factors:
1. The sea storm: that represents the unexpected struggles that life throws at us that are out of our control.
2. The sunset with lightning: that representes temptation, it attracts you with is beauty but it's harmful nevertheless.
3. The fire: Simbol of the Holy Spirit, it's the armour of God.
4. The black in the body that shreds away: Represents our sins.
All of these 3 elements are the fights we as humans deal with every day but as long as we keep the armour of God in our hearts, we are victorious.


Andrea Gonzalez: Painted, makeup, and editing.

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