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I’ve been doing art for the past 7 years, at first it was just an escape from reality but now it’s my world and passion. Throughout my journey of discovering myself as an artist I’ve met many other inspirational artist, it’s made me realize I want to follow a path of teaching and inspiring others. I want to become the art teacher that teaches and nurtures her student to be wonderful people in the future, to spread change with their creative side.


Look Within



Artist Statement

This piece, Look Within, was a piece I created when I was stuck and confused with myself as an artist. It started off as an experimental piece, an acrylic pour. It was a messy fun process and took nearly an entire day to dry. Afterwards it collected dust for a week until I hit another wall. It was frustrating, I carry so many styles it’s hard to stand out, when I pulled Look Within from my closet I just started painting. I used a stencil at first then realized as I sketched that I wanted to continue experimenting to find what feels natural to do. I found myself painting myself. Every stroke of the brush I did, another as identical as possible. Using grey and white to contrast the bright background. Look Within along with a small collection of similar pieces that followed spaced my art and goals completely. It made me realize I wanted to teach this, not just the art but how you can find yourself within it. How it can change an entire life.

How it fits into contest

The way Look Within relates to the Spiritual Battle found in Ephesians 6:10-20 is mainly within a powerful quote “We are in great danger, not when the enemy is great and powerful, but when we think that we can stand in our own strength, rather than in the strength which God provides.”. Even within art that applies, when you spend so much time building your arsenal, your technical skills and believe you could stand on that. Use it as a strength it becomes your greatest weakness. Just as in God, one must have faith in themselves, as an artist.


Mailyn Badillo, the creator and owner of this work.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original Work.
It’s a piece done on 16x20 in. canvas, with a layer of acrylic pour then painted over with two figures staring at one another. It can be purchased via email ( with payment done via PayPal or Venmo. A downpayment is necessary then the rest of the payment would be requested after the client has received the artwork.

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Direct Commissions; can be requested through email ( or Instagram (everlinedear)

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