Sarah Boodram

Artist bio

I am a student at the local university and I am also a tutor in Literature. I created the metaphor in the pieces to represent the verses. Through this competition, I was able to share my vision with one of my high school students who is strong in her faith and who is passionate about art. Caniah Andrews, the artist, is in grade 8. Never misses worship on a Sunday and serves in church by playing the drums. She believes in the need to ground oneself in God especially during the turbulent teenage years.





Artist Statement

This artwork entails two connected scenes joined under the headline “Love”. This work is both metaphorical and topical vis-à-vis the Covid virus. The angels in the first scene transform themselves from clothing attendant and jewelry to soldiers of protection in the second scene to guard us against the unseen principalities disguised as the Covid.

How it fits into contest

When we love God, we shed our old sinful ways, as depicted by the clothing on the chair, and we don God’s garments, as the girl does in the first scene. God then, demonstrates His love for us by protecting us from the unseen attack of the Devil’s army, which is represented by the Covid virus.


I, Sarah was the creative designer behind the piece. I created the metaphor and strategised the characteristics for the application of the metaphor.
Caniah Andrews did both the drawing and the colouring

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