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Serena Depersis is a Toronto based freelance artist. She is self taught and comes from a family of artists. Serena has worked as a freelance artist for magazines like pioneer woman and commissioned art pieces. Prior to her art work, she had a career as a fashion designer fueled by artistic expression known for her attention to detail. She began her work as a portrait artist using oils, acrylic and mixed media. Serena loves adding texture to art, which has recently inspired her to experiment in abstract styles for her new series.


Spiritual Soldier



Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated by angel images and use them in many of my works. I also enjoy creating pieces with dimension and texture. This was painted with oils on canvas with liberal use of gold leaf. The cross is made of wood and painted gold. I wanted "breastplate" to be a focal point, therefore used mixed media, adding sculpted canvas and wood.

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Spiritual Soldier by Serena Depersis

Related Verses: Ephesians 6:10-20, Psalm 91:3-4, Rev 12:7-8,

This Angel represents Michael’s defeat over Satan and the spiritual strength needed to live by God’s word. The angel is alone surrounded by darkness just the same as we may feel at times. This darkness represents the schemes of the devil and temptation wavering from Christ. The light shining from the breastplate signifies the “righteousness of God”. This is to protect the heart and all the greatness Christ has given us so we may choose to live in the word of God by keeping a strong hold on our faith.
The golden circular orb over the head acts as a helmet of salvation, symbolizing mental strength to fight the darkness. We all have darkest moments, but without salvation there is no hope. The helmet fills the head with goodness and puts focus on the word of God and prayer in times of struggle.
The wings of the Angel is reminding us of God’s power to protect and give refuge so we can weather our spiritual battles without fear.
The angel’s hands meet in prayer, strengthening the armour of God. Praying helps to stand firm in our pursuit to resist temptation, allowing conversation with God to be a daily priority to win against evil. “Pray without ceasing”. 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18


Serena Depersis is the sole artist of this artwork

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Spiritual Soldier is an original artwork created by Serena Depersis and can be purchased by contacting her directly or through Instagram messenger.

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Serena Depersis is available for commissioned work. Please contact directly for details

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