Missy McGrew

Artist bio

I am 50 years old ( 51 in April). I am a mother of 4 three adult daughters and a teenage son. I've been married 28years and a Christian for as long as I can remember. Far as a jobs...I am a freelance artist. I do caricatures and face painting at events, teach paint parties and paint murals occasionally. My more stable job is personal care aide at our local school. Where I help behavioral or special needs children.


Armor of God ....Today


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The illustration is of a person with no face wearing today's armor symbolizing the armor of God. Behind the figure is another figure, again faceless, wearing a roman soldier's armor
( reflecting the armor as illustrated in the Bible)
A light is shining down on them from above. The Bible, raised in front of the sword is lit up! One side is gray-ish the other side Black... Below is a fog rising around them ( possibly sin that arises in our storms of life )
The illustration is without a face to be any person... That we can do All things with the tools good has given us.

How it fits into contest

I believe I touched on the total verse by being suited in the armor of God.


I came up with everything in this. I had originally drawn out a graphic novel type page but I wanted something better. The new chick I go to...Grace Life Church , inspired me for the front person in today style clothes, with graphic T-SHIRT and hat and backpack... They are very come as you are church. And this is similar to how some of their leaders dress.

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