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My name is Joanna Lothers, and I live in upstate South Carolina. I am the daughter of missionaries, but I have spent most of my life in the United States. From a young age, I have loved art and explored a variety of media including watercolor, graphite pencil, acrylic paint, pen and ink, collage, colored pencil, and more. I began working with watercolor only recently, but it quickly became my favorite medium. I have won a couple awards for my watercolor portraits and continue to enjoy the creative process of painting. Influencing and informing my art is my faith. Growing up in a Christian home, I knew the truth of the Gospel from a young age. Gradually, as I began to understand the deep love of God and the extent of my own sin, those truths became more real and dear to me. At age 9, I chose to become a part of the Body of Christ. My goal in creating art is to reflect God’s beauty and creativity, in a small way, and to use my work as a platform for sharing the gospel. I am currently studying painting and drawing as a university student and look forward to how God will continue to allow me to use art for his glory.


A Warrior in His Father's Arms



Artist Statement

This painting shows an infant with his father. Neither individual represents a specific person. Rather, they are drawn from numerous reference images and my own imagination. This painting is one of several watercolor portraits I have done depicting children in a variety of circumstances. This one is intended to show the peace of a child who is safe in the strong, loving arms of his father.

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I believe that the bond between a father and his child has always been a powerful image. However, with this painting, I wanted to take that image and show how it reflects out relationship with God. Ephesians 6:10-20 calls us to put on the full armor of God that we might be strong, withstanding the attacks of the enemy. This is a weighty, magnificent call, and it is not easy. God has provided the weapons that we need to be victorious in him. I believe that it is crucial that we pursue each of these things we are given—truth, righteousness, faith etc.—through prayer and spiritual discipline. However, what I wanted to emphasize in this painting is that, ultimately, our strength is in the Lord. In fact, Ephesians 6:10, the first verse of this passage, says “be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.” Just as a baby depends on his father for protection, so we depend on our heavenly father. One of the passages that most inspired me as I worked on this piece is Psalm 91. Verse 14 begins with, “Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him, I will protect him because he knows my name.” It is incredibly important that we prepare ourselves for battle. However, there is a deeper truth still. Like little infants, we must hold fast to our Father in love. We can rest in his arms and trust his name, knowing that he is strong enough to carry us and that, in his arms, we will be safe. It is from that place of safety and peace that we can prepare ourselves for battle, knowing that the war has already been won, and the Lord—our Father—is victorious!


Joanna Lothers: Artist

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This is an original watercolor painting on 140 lb cold-press watercolor paper.
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