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I am a self-taught artist from Pennsylvania. I have been creating art since the age of four. I started my art business in early 2018 titled Monica's art room, which is currently an online store. My business also offers handmade jewelry, art apparel and rotating art inspired home decor to appeal to all walks of life.I have done projects for  Oakstreet Health and I'm currently working with Artz Philly to bring art back to seniors. I have displayed my work to over seventy events, conferences and art shows. Aside from events, I have also instructed paint classes, and I completed a public project titled "Keep Creating". My project is a series about inspiring creativity among our youth. These paintings are displayed in two schools and seven community centers around the city of Philadelphia.


Good vs Evil



Artist Statement

This painting is created using a white canvas and acrylic paint. The process I used to create this painting starts off by taking multiple ideas of each subject, and compiling them into one idea. For example, I'll put about twenty ideas of snakes together to create four snakes. I did the same thing to each area of the painting, recreating new images based off of multiple images. Next, I would sketch them into the canvas as a clear image and proceed to paint the picture.

This fits into my cannon of work because I create a range of ideas in a mostly abstract-realistic style.

How it fits into contest

11. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.

(When we do not utilize the weapons of God against Satan, we are hopelessly underpowered.) This work fits into the contest topic because it represents Ephesians overall concept of good versus evil. The man in the picture is wearing the full armor of his faith to destroy the evil snakes derived from Satan. The man's faith is strong and so he is completely protected. He is unafraid and ready to fight for good.


Myself. I sketch and compile ideas together to create a full picture.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original acrylic painting 24x30
Title: Good vs Evil
Price: $2000

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Monica's art room services include:
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