Tomas Marquez

Artist bio

Iam a visual artist, university professor and graphic designer based at Ciudad Juarez, Chih. Mexico, a city which has been dealing with drug cartels violence during a while. To be inside this kind of environment has been a trigger to some of my art. I feel called to be an active cultural influence through the visual arts proposed as praise to Christ, both, inside and outside the church. My work media is primarily mixed media painting and drawing, while I visually dissert on spiritual matters, personal thoughts and society. I have had the chance to exhibit at Chihuahua, Sonora, Sinaloa, Baja California and Texas. Iam also known as an action painter performer at concerts, art exhibits and church events. Iam a happy single parent of two kids and a regular attendant at my local church "Olivo". My goal in life is to be someone who can hear, see, enjoy God and obey Him in a present, constant, real manner for that is what it is to love Him.





Artist Statement

This is a painting elaborated with acrylic and inks on raw canvas. My process consists on meditating after praying and Bible reading. I paint freely in a very gestural manner as a way to reflect a moment with God while listening to music. I must confess, this is also a way to reach personal catharsis. I no longer need model to paint human figure and usually paint an art work during a single session of three or four hours.

How it fits into contest

To fight is a constant in everyone's life. As Christ followers we are warriors willing to fight whatever is trying to take us away from the God we love and His will. Yet the most intense fight, is to surrender our very sinful nature, our flesh desires and ego to Christ. I depicted a man dramatically raising from a kneeling man's back, but yet coming out strong and ready to fight with his bloody hands ready to obey. He's reborn after a fight. This drama takes place over and over again in different areas of our lives. Praying is a key to be able to stand and a direct way to develop a relationship with God. We humble before him and He lifts us up! Sometimes to surrender might mean to bear pain, but God never asks for nothing He will not compensate dearly. He deserves all efforts. God is the one who will help us all through this process.


Tomas Marquez (artist/paintor)

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original acrylic on raw canvas piece. It's price is $480 dlls. and there will be 10 printed copies (HD, satin photo paper) signed with a price of $100 dlls. each.

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Direct painting comissions / murals / live painting performance

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