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I am a Christian ,Artist,Mother,Grandmother


Stand Against the Dark


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

"Stand Against the Dark" represents God's provision,mercy,and strength in the times in my life I felt the darkness closing in. Especially when my Husband/ Soulmate Kevin Peter Waite died in March 2013 after a battle with cancer and its treatments( radiation / chemotherapy) I struggle with Bi-Polar Depression . At that time I felt lost,cut off,and alone.Desperate. God always remains the same. He is loving and ever-present. He stretched out his hand to me as I was drowning in despair and grief. The darkness deceives us that weare drowning
and cant ho on.Hopelesness invades our thoughts. Yet that is when the Holy Spirit reminds us that we are not alone.Jesus is our hope.The lion of Judah goes before us and prepares a way. Our faith is restored. Our hope rises as Christ did.We are prepared for battle. We are prepared to win those battles. And I chose to take his hand and put one foot in front of the other. I could have turned away from him. But despite my anger ,loss and misery I reached out in what faith I could( it was a mustard seed) and he has walked with me and has brought many beautiful things out of our families loss. He continues to lead me and I once again have a ministry for the Lord!

How it fits into contest

Putting on the full armor of God which is held solid by God's word and promises. Learning and studying the Bible brings those teachings to remembrance when we feel we are sinking.(The Spiritual Battle- Ephesians 6:10-20) I started this illustration by creating an Angle&Curve Foundation while praying for guidance ,praising the Lord throughout the entire process.The background is a combination of reds("oudem" Hebrew for red clay,flesh,root word for mankind)Oranges/fire of God,deliverance,passionate praise(red/flesh +yellow/trials = orange/fire of God)blues were added( blue is word of God,power,healing)this background represents the tapestry of an individuals life. Being imperfect flesh, experiencing trials throughout life.. we are transformed by the healing and power of God.Through God's word ( Christ is the word/blue become flesh/red =purple/royalty,priesthood) Christ brings restoration of communion with God. The seperation between God and us is caused by sin. At the bottom you view a sea in turquoise(blue/word of God + green/everlasting life,immortality) Therefore turquoise represents living waters,provision of God.Three fish are representing struggling souls( fish out of water/people without The word of God,and everlasting life.) The leafy vine reaches from the living waters to the sky( the hem of His garment)This supporting vine surrounds the individual in green/ everlasting life. The vine produces multiple fruits represented by flowers.The heavens bring the Holy Spirit(Dove) vibrant ofdeeprose(red/flesh + white/purity)Purple(red/flesh+blue/word of God) This purple expressesJesus,royalty,priesthood)Orange/fire of God is present in the rays which reach from the hem of His garment to the sea of living waters. The Lion of Judah( Christ Jesus) is piercing the darkness. As the darkness always tries to separate us from God. The woman in white at the center of the illustration is wearing the full armor of God as described in Ephesians 6:10-20 She has golden/ yellow hair representing her trials of faith which is more precious than gold. It's her crowning glory. She is clothed in white/ purity standing firmly on the vine.


I give glory and full credit to the Lord for this artwork. It is God and journey inspired.

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The Original work titled "Stand Against the Dark" is available for $1080 U.S. dollars. Giclee Gallery wrapped canvas signed prints are also available. Please contact:

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I offer commission Artworks, original And collectable Artworks in Angle&Curve Impressionism, Angle&Curve Stained Glass Effect,as well as Original Shibui Found Image Art . Please contact me at "Paint &Pray" workshops, and "ART as Worship" classes are also available for events via zoom or in person. Please contact me at for more information.

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