Artist bio

Born 28.12.1996


subjective realities



Artist Statement

There is no objective reality, only many subjective realities.

In my photos you see my reality, my view of things and of the world. It is simple to say, as well as to understand. We live in a world where reality is often distorted and glossed over by social media. Maybe I do the same and I can't free myself from it, who knows? It's just my reality.

How it fits into contest

My work relates to the theme in so far as they are my way of communication. Packing my feelings into a filter and making them understandable and bringing them to the people. This is my personal way to lead a perfect and satisfied life. To have a meaning. We are all concerned with having a purpose, a place in the world. I think religion and Spiritual should only help us to understand how to reflect and look inside ourselves.

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