Artist bio

Danny Milanese b. 1986 Canada Danny Milanese is a narrative artist working with contrast, automatism and action painting. Excessive experimentation has become synonymous with his name. His work examines raw emotion and challenges refinement.


Everyone’s A Toy



Artist Statement

I have observed people using others as tools, categorizing and figuratively hanging them up in the shop until needed. Perhaps it is my lack of understanding that makes my description of a friendship sound so cold. With these thoughts I have made this painting, which includes iconic toys, nostalgic video game characters, endorphins, injury, rehabilitation and sperm. A multi panel assemblage of square, rectangular and polygon canvases. Methods used include painting with acrylic, stencils and spray paint, pour over and burning.
As part of the “big boys” collection, this is a uniformed series of large format paintings. The series serves to tie up all the visceral and incomplete sessions in the studio. Binding these fractured and abandoned feelings in one large canvas creates a BIGBOY.

How it fits into contest

I move through the world assuming, negative assumptions. In this painting negative assumptions about friendship. It is better to have faith in something better and to have strong humility so as to believe that your views, especially the negative ones are incorrect. If we can act decisively like the Roman soldier described in these verses, despite negative thoughts, experiences and assumptions, then we will find true knowledge and true friendship.


Danny Milanese

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original artwork, 48x60” ink, acrylic & spray paint on canvas $5760.00 CAD

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