Adora Hoyte

Artist bio

I'm a Barbadian graphic designer with the preference for photography and digital art. I prefer to work with models and explore various lighting effects and positions to communicate my ideas. I believe in simplicity and I generally use a lot of dark tones with highlights of bright colours, just enough to give life to the artwork.


Where is Your Armor?


Digital Art

Artist Statement

With a preference for photo manipulation i decided that my entry should be just that. This is a depiction of a person who is now broken, a person who has had their fair share of struggles in this life. I originally attempted to create this piece a few years ago but could never complete it to the potential i knew it could be. However, I have found new inspiration from the people in my life who have been fighting a battle they didn't know they were losing. I created this piece from a photograph i took and then used digital art techniques to bring meaning to the photo.

How it fits into contest

In Ephesians 6: 10-20 the Bible speaks about putting on the full armor of God so that we might be protected from the attacks of the enemy. That we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Now what about those of us who do not know the Word? Who do not have this armor? My artwork is meant to represent just that. A person who is without armor or someone who is completely unaware of the spiritual warfare that is going on. They have been attacked and spiritually broken with nothing to stand on. This is what the devil wants, this is what happens when engage in spiritual warfare without protection from God and no solid rock to stand on. Even though it might feel like we are alone and at our lowest point, just a broken, empty husk of our former selves, there is always a glimmer of hope-- which is what the bright colors in this otherwise dark artwork represent. All we need to do is go to God and he will make us whole again.


Adora Hoyte- digital artist/ Photographer
Jaelayn McCollin- Model
Davidson Eversley- Lighting and Equiptment

How to Purchase this Artwork

For prints of this digital artwork visit webpage:

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