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It is with honor to the Creator that I submit my oil on canvas painting to the 2020 Engage Art Contest. I am a 62 year old old woman who is a descendant of the Mikmaq, French Acadian from New Brunswick Canada. I was raised Catholic in a family of terrible conflict, alcoholism and I suffered many forms of abuse in my family and by people in the community. I was ritually abused by Satanists as a little girl and all through my life to present they stalk, harass and torture me remotely with modern day Direct Energy Weapons. As a result I have had many near death experiences. They use people like me as a pawn for their sadistic entertainment. I am reminded by Jesus that he fortold of the "fiery darts in the last days so this gospel teaching is spiritual support. Modern day technology has sure changed the battle of good vs evil. I began to seek out the true church many years ago I attended several over the years but eventually learned that it is as Jesus said, the kingdom of heaven is within and without. So the church is a tool to help guide us and for fellowship. Our choices help us to develop a personal relationship with our beloved Christ. My painting for the has been inspired by my life experience and knowledge of modern day technology and modern weapons of war. Many weapons today operate without sound and you cannot see any artillery, all you can see and feel is the destruction that they cause. Many of these weapons operate by satellite. Without the full armour of God I would not be alive. I began painting in my 40's without any formal training and then years later I did participate in some classes. Since I have no binocularity in my vision my art work is often in 2D and sometime the 3D will be evident. Thank you for this opportunity to honor our Master and Saviour, Jesus Christ in whose name I submit this work. May God bless you all. Kind regards, Deborah Harquail


Stand Strong



Artist Statement

Usually all of my paintings tell a story. This one also tells a story of a modern day battle for survival against the spiritual battle we face.

The battle here, is portrayed by the destruction all around and by the people who look like zombies influenced by the unseen powers and principalities that are ruling mankind through modern day technology. The microwave frequencies from the cell phone tower symbolizing the technology used for evil and by the satellites that can be used monitor, harass and torture people with frequencies.

The Native American Woman in the painting is a reflection of me, wearing the belt of truth standing firm in footwear on the gospel of peace is symbolized by standing above the Lamb of God as my foundation. My breastplate and headband signify the Armour of God's righteousness. In faith my hands are raised in praise to stop the fiery darts and to withstand the enemy. This act of praise and worship results in being empowered by the unseen supernatural power of God and is portrayed by the lightening coming from a cloud that I've designed to be the head of an Eagle. The sword in the "word" is my helmet of salvation. Finally we are not alone in this world and so I've included people of every color who are also in the act of praising and worship. Together wearing the full armor of God we are able to stand stronger.Our colors are bright and cheerful because we are beautiful to the Creator who loves those who love him as Psalm 91: 1-16 reveals to us and is relative to verse Eph 6: 13.

How it fits into contest

As per the visual art description all aspects of my painting relate to Eph 6: 10-20


Deborah Harquail created the painting and took the photo of it

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This painting is my original work in oil on canvas frame size 12 in x 12 in and is available for purchase at the price of $430.00 Prints are also available for $43 each plus the cost of shipping (to be determined). You may also order 4 x 4 inch size prints for $20. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

If interested in purchase please contact my email to place your order. Your payment can be made by Etransfer to the same email listed here.

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