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Michaela Antoinette (age 36) is a self-taught, Bermudian born contemporary visionary artist. She is in the process of creating “The Infinity Collection” (Part 1). The medium for the body of work is professional quality acrylics on canvas with some works glowing in the dark and/or containing genuine 23k gold leaf. She is aiming to complete (Part 1) of the collection series by 2020. The infinity collection is an outward depiction of her inward spiritual life's journey. Michaela pursued legal studies and dedicated 13 years to law. She was forced to give up her law firm and legal career due to health complications caused by Marfan's Syndrome. The syndrome is a genetic connective tissue disorder which affects the major organs, systems, bones, and tissues of the body. Since 2016 she started to professionally paint via commission. Since childhood, with beautiful Bermuda as her inspiration, she has used vibrant colors and created drawings in non-conventional ways. Once she stumbled upon the works of Salvador Dali for a high school research project she knew her style of artistic expression had validity. Contemporary visionary art stems purely from experience. Art has always represented individual freedom of expression and she hopes to make a contribution to the art world in her own unique way. Her paintings are both outside of duality yet grounded within it. She creates from a space where normal boundaries are blurred…where the hidden, the invisible and the atypical are brought to life on canvas. These works are a journey through the mind, body, spirit, and soul. She is an avid reader across genres and aims to continuously learn in order to constantly expand her perspectives. Spirituality, religion, science, philosophy, symbology, and fantasy are encoded in these works. This collection illustrates the mysteries that lie dormant within and all around us. The artist explores the essence of what connects us to the collective mind and rhythm of humanity and the eternal breath of creation. By using lines, shapes, symbology, vibrant flowing colors that bleed into each other with no beginning and no end, she paints her truths. In a near-death experience in 2017, her artistic and life perspectives expanded even further into new horizons when she chose not to fear the unknown.


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Artist Statement

I painted this piece before I had a designated home art studio. I was in my bedroom, using my bed as an easel, wearing a back brace. This was the first time since high school 16 years prior, that I picked up a paintbrush. My paintings reflect the many layers of life. There are numerous layers of paint over the initial underpainting which provides dimensional aspects. The destructive power one can posses is amplified by the unseen forces so we have to journey every day towards the power of light through our faith and spiritual practice. We all have storms to weather and obstacles to climb that may seem higher than the tallest mountains. As life unfolds, we persevere despite any hardships we may face. It’s the chaos which makes us stronger and wiser and order always ensues.

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All of my work is about overcoming the human condition of conquering vice and temptation of the flesh and becoming more spiritual/God like. As Genesis states we were made in God's image so my works explore that imagery. This piece in particular specifically speaks to the Peter verse in the related verses.


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