Artist bio

I started as a freelance photorapher in 2011. I studied Computer Systems engineering, but after 6 years working I realized that photography was my passion in life so I decided to quit my job and start as a photographer. Since then I shoot concerts, mostly jazz and flamenco dance performances. Also I found in nature so many answers about my life, that's why I shoot nature too, and some photos reveals and describes something about me, my present, my past and the way I look at the world.


Inner Light



Artist Statement

Patience...Is all I can say about this photo. It took me a lot of time, even days to get the perfect shot for what I was feeling at that time. Shooting hummingbirds was not and is not an easy task. So as all my work in photo, patience is everything.

How it fits into contest

I took this photo when I was having some fears about my new path in life which was to become a freelance photographer. When I decided to quit my job as an engineer, at first I was very excited about it but suddenly I started to have some depression because not everything was clear in this new path, and I hadn't any job taking photos at first.

How would I be able to pay my rent, my food, my expenses? how can I start over something completely new? I was able to see all my fears, my insecurities, my doubts, I was able to see my own darkness and I was very drowned on it. A lot of fears envolved me and in this depression time I spent most part of my days in my room with the lights off, just with a candle lighting my room. I spent several days in this situation, just meditating and praying with the light of the candle.

And suddenly I started to realize that this small light of the candle was able to illuminate my entire room, that even in this darkness, thanks to that little light I was able to see my drawers, my bed, my curtains, my desk, my books. This tiny light brightens up within all this darkness. And a thought came into my mind "this little light represents me, my heart, my love and passion for photography and for living, and this darkness in my room all the fears I have, and even when the light is very small not everything is dark, so as long as I have this love and passion I will be able to see in the darkest days and the worst fears, the way to go out of this darkness"...And this is what I wanted to show in this photo, the hummingbird represents my inner light, my candle, my love, my passion for what I do rising up within all the darkness.


Marco Antonio Almazan. I took this photo setting everything by myself

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Limited copies of the print are available for sale, for more information regarding dimensions, kind of paper, frame, please send an email or a whatsapp to:
+521 5535 6292 87

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