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Since I became a Christian in highschool, art has been a passionate expression of faith. I received at BFA in drawing and painting focusing on figurative art. Since then I have been passionately raising 6 kids while doing art intermittently and sparingly the last 18 years. As they are growing up I am eager to do more as an expression of faith and to illustrate life experiences.


Be Strong in the Lord



Artist Statement

As I read all the scripture verses for the exhibition I envisioned this image. I took a photo of our family and drew them within the space using graphite dust, various pencils and erasures. I love to draw people which is typical of my work but working from a photo instead of from "life" was quite challenging yet exciting.

How it fits into contest

As a mom and wife within a family I have faced many daily battles to resist the "schemes of the devil." The arrows that speak lies: "your not good enough", " God won't provide" " she/he doesn't love you", " just yell", and "he/ she is hopeless" ect...and thus to be discouraged, bitter, faithless, and afraid and forget the armor of God.
These struggles seem to be "of me" but Eph 6:10-20 describes a bigger picture that I cannot see with my eyes. The origins of our battles begin in heavenly realms where forces of wickedness (the dragon/Satan) and darkness manifest themselves on earth with the intent to steal. kill, and destroy.
The Lord brings light and His mission is to save. To set free, to die for, forgive, to redeem, to give life and and to cleanse us of all wickedness.
When instead I put on the armor by reading the Word of God, its Truth is like a sword piercing the darkness and brings hope. Faith shields me from the lies I hear and its effects. Remembering my identity in Jesus as Saved and Righteous because of what He has done sets me free from shame. I can strive for Peace with others as I share the gospel. The light of the Lord emanates to my family and from different parts of the earth, as others are praying for each other and we share gospel message of Christ throughout the world.
Jesus is alive in heaven and we are under His wings. With His Mighty power we can stand firm!


My family: Brian, myself, Adiana, Caden, Naomi, Noelle, Sara, and Caleb Leidich posed as the figurative elements.

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