Cheryl Timony

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I am a local mixed-media artist & teacher. I primarily use found materials, which I feel carry their own story& in an organic creative process, lead me to the final work. naturally transform Being active in my community, art is an invaluable tool for making connections that are essential beyond whatever the project is. I encourage people who aren’t “artists” to express themselves creatively, to exercise their creative muscle & do what is viral& & basic since the beginning of time, human instinct to express& record our lives.


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Mixed Media

Artist Statement

A mixed media drawing painting, on sheet music paper, this work began with my cousin in North Carolina mailing me a stack of sheet music she found, having just moved, unable to find most materials- I made random rubbings with a lumber crayon, then visualizing the markings, the figure emerged. I proceeded with painting in gouache to further reveal the figure & through color revealing the context of the subject & possible contexts one might assume them to be; it is not my nature to tell the viewer what to see in any of my work but for this contest, I titled this work. This is just one of a part of an ongoing series of paintings done on sheet music.

How it fits into contest

Music has a natural home in reviving the spirit. In any setting people can stand together & be strengthened by song. Unfortunately, it is not always our choice if we must stand alone. In the midst of any battle when there is no worldly answer, we all naturally look to the heavens, questioning, being reassured by vastness of the universe, humbled when we are alone & steel our resolve to reengage in the battle.


Cheryl Timony

How to Purchase this Artwork

I sell ONLY the original artwork, because I use found materials, & feel strongly that original art should be accessible to all- my work is affordable, they are truly one of a kind.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I’m very happy to help people realize their visualizations- through image, or words. Working together on commissioned work is a joy. I believe deeply in the power of art making, so naturally I love to work with individuals or in a group setting to assist in making personal discovery; the dialogue & connections that occur in a group or individual setting are powerful & transformative. I feel comfortable with all regardless of age, orientation or level of ability.

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