Derek Glaskin

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Since l was a child, God has always been my inspiration. When l became an established fine artist then began one long and winding, spiritual road; spiritual battle, after spiritual battle. I know whom l'm up against; and l know who is my Salvation is in. I have a international reputation for painting about; putting on the amor of God. Amen Consecutive three times winner Gold Coast Art Prize 86, 87, 88. Australia. 1988 World Expo 88 Australia"s artist. Thirty six one man exhibitions, five countries in thirty years. 1988 Golden Week Tokyo Japan. 1989 Elks Club Art Exhibition Hawaii Migrate from Australia to Hawaii. 2000 - 20 Artist for "Te Moana Nui A Kiva" (Royal Union Pacific Nations) & part-time island school art teacher.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

ATOOI; "In the Light of God"; in this piece l wanted to be able to reflect my own personal relationship with God!

(via; just look @ at the amount of time l had to put into this thing!) lol.

intricate; delicate, visually strong, a deep spiritual relationship reflecting using all of the armor of God.

This artwork took one year; day by day, pray after prayer to create.

For God so loved the world

How it fits into contest

Putting on the whole armor of God.


Derek Glaskin: original artist.

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Original latex enamel 36" x 48" on canvas multi medium construction.
USA Museum Recognized Artist.

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