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My name is Claudia Bran. I Graduated as a fine art teacher from the University of Antioquia in Colombia many years ago. I am a mother of two beautiful children, a wife, and a visual christian artist who considers herself a daughter of God at His service. I see a deep need for christian art to influence our culture. We need to share our faith and the truths of Jesus with a society that is constantly influenced by negative messages and lies.


Praying in The Spirit



Artist Statement

As a mother of 2 children I had never found a consistent schedule to paint. I would always cry to God to help me make my art possible. God answered me through his word and through my pastors and christian sermons on youtube. He gave me a clear vision of His purpose for my life which is to use my art to motivate others to believe and rejoice in Jesus. As a result, I decided to erace a painting I had started on a huge canvas and paint "Praying in The Spirit." This painting represents to my my biggest adventure as an artist; not only for the size of the painting, but mostly because God used it to stretch me spiritually, physically and in commitment. To complete this painting I committed to wake up before sunrise 5 days a week, I had to learn and review art techniques, and I learned to pray and listen to the word of God every day. In the beginning of the painting I did not have a complete idea of the whole picture. However, I would trust that God was in control. During the painting process, (which took me 2 years to finish) I found out about this contest. Then, the coronavirus hit humanity. I felt that the complete image of this painting was complete. The purpose of this painting was to express the importance of having God and his Armor in our lives because it is the only way to overcome the spiritual war that surrounds us all. This are uncertain times, artist are to speak up and talk about Jesus, His love and salvation. I am so grateful with God for this painting because through it He revealed my identity as a Cristian artist and gave my paintings a new purpose.

How it fits into contest

In Ephesians 6:10-20 we find that there is a spiritual war around us and in order for us to be protected from the evil's schemes, we need to wear the Armor of God.
Spiritual war: I painted the evil behind the door throwing at the little girl what to me feels like the most dangerous "flaming arrows" of the last century, the Corona virus disease. The devil wants to harm her physically, emotionally and spiritually by making her feel alone, sick, weak and anxious. He wants to drag her away from God's grace by making her loose focus and faith.( This is what the whole world is facing right now).
Remain strong: I painted a little girl to represent the children of God. She remains strong in the Lord and wears the Armor of God despite de circumstances.
Armor of God: I decided to paint a realistic picture of what the Armor of God looks like. Many parts of it the human eye can not see. However, our Creator knows if we are fallowing his command of wearing it. This little girl is holding the "sword of the Spirit" which is the bible. She is praying in the spirit with deep faith knowing that the "arrows of fire" will not get her. She remains calm because she has on the helmet of salvation (knowing that Jesus died for her and that she is saved) and the innocence that she carries being a child represents someone who walks in peace and righteousness. As a result, God protects her from the virus and fills her and the room with His peace.


I created it myself with God's help but I was very supported by my husband Jose Iniguez who helped me moving this painting when necessary and got me all the materials to make it possible.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original oil and acrylic painting. It is a framed canvas 60 X 72in.
The name of the painting is Praying in The Spirit. the cost of this painting is $8000USD.
To contact me Email me at
instagram: mana_inspirations_art
facebook: Mana Art
My residence is in Long Beach, California. If interested in purchasing this painting we can arrange delivery and payment of painting.

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I have other paintings available that can be seen through my social media.

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